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WCL - Can You Smell Gas - What shall i do

Can you smell gas?

If you smell gas in your property, it’s vital to leave the premises immediately and avoid switching on or using any electrical appliances, as this could create sparks and ignite the gas.

Do not try to fix the problem yourself, as this could be fatal.

Once you have evacuated the premises, call one of our Gas Safe Registered experts immediately, and do not under any circumstances try to re-enter the property until the issue has been resolved.

Water is everywhere. I need help fast!

If you’re experiencing a water emergency in your home or building, it’s essential to take quick action to minimise any potential damage.
First, locate the source of the water leak. Turn off the water supply at the mains unless the leak is coming from a burst pipe or specific appliance, in which case locate the supply valve, and turn it off immediately.
If it’s safe, turn off any electrical appliances that could come into contact with the water – this will help avoid any damage and minimise the risk of electrocution.
Once you’ve attempted to safely minimise the risk of potential water damage, call us directly to solve the issue.
WCL - What Shall I do - water is everywhere
WCL - It is just a drip!

No stress! It's just a small drip.

There is no need to stress over a minor leak, but it’s wise to tackle it swiftly to prevent it from escalating or incurring extra repair costs.

Placing a bowl beneath the leak will catch any dripping water and limit property damage.

Sometimes, a tiny drip might not seem alarming, but it is best practice to address it quickly to prevent it from worsening or leading to additional repair expenses.

Contact us to book an appointment at your earliest convenience to ensure the leak is dealt with correctly, giving you peace of mind.

My magnetic filter is leaking

Magnetic filters are an essential component of your heating system. A malfunctioning filter can result in decreased efficiency, increased energy bills, and damage to your boiler or heat pump – this is why Warm and Cool London advocates regular cleaning and maintenance of your magnetic filter, as this will prolong the life of your heating system and avoid issues such as leaks and breakdowns.
If you’ve noticed that the magnetic filter on your boiler or heat pump is leaking, immediate action is required to prevent any potential damage to your boiler system.
First, turn off the power supply to your heating system to avoid any risk of electrical hazards.
Once you have mitigated any potential hazards, you can identify whether the leak is coming from a gasket or a valve. In either scenario, we highly recommend contacting one of Warm and Cool London’s Heat Geek accredited experts to assess the situation and provide the necessary repairs.
WCL - What Shall I do - My magnetic filter is leaking
WCL - What Shall I do - I have no heating

I have no heating!

Finding out you have no heating can be frustrating and uncomfortable, especially during winter.
First, to address the issue, check that the thermostat works correctly and set it to the right temperature. Next, check the boiler’s pressure gauge and ensure sufficient water pressure. If the water pressure is low, you can refill the system using the correct filling loop or contact Warm and Cool London, who will gladly guide you through this process.
If you are still trying to figure out why your heating isn’t working, we recommend contacting one of Warm and Cool London’s qualified heating engineers to assess the issue and provide the necessary repairs. Please note that attempting any DIY fixes could be potentially hazardous and can often make the situation worse.

I have no heating and no hot water!

Suppose you are not getting any hot water in your property. In that case, the first step is to check whether the heating system is receiving power and is turned on correctly or that the boiler’s pilot light is lit (if dealing with a gas system)
If the water heater is functioning correctly, it may be worth checking whether your taps are blocked or clogged, as this could cause the issue.
Again, we recommend contacting a Warm and Cool professional if you aren’t receiving hot water on your property, as attempting DIY fixes can further exacerbate the problem.
WCL - What Shall I do - I have no heating and no hot water
WCL - What Shall I do - I dont understand my thermostat

I don't understand my thermostat control

Addressing the manual or instructions that came with your heating system should often be the first port of call if you need help with your thermostat controls.
If you need help locating the instructions, a quick Google search of the make and model of your thermostat will often point you in the right direction.
If you still need help figuring it out, contact Warm and Cool London and one of our expert technicians will be more than happy to guide you through the controls.
Anything else…
If you have any other queries relating to your boiler or heating system, and can’t find the answer you’re looking for online or in the manual, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Warm and Cool London – one of our experts will be on hand to assist you with any heat pump or boiler related queries.